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Retention Marketing Partner

Email & SMS Marketing focused on driving incremental revenue


At Dispatch, we don't look at email and SMS marketing in a silo. Our deep e-commerce expertise enables us to weave your email and SMS strategies into the broader tapestry of your marketing and operational activities. This ensures cohesive communications across all of your customer touchpoints, efficiently guiding prospects to their first purchase, and driving incremental purchases from your existing customers.

What You'll Get

A/B Testing that drives incremental and profitable revenue

Monthly Strategy Session

High Level Email & SMS Copywriting 

Automated Flow Development & Optimization

Email & SMS Campaign Calendar Development & Optimization

Email Designs that Convert and Build Brand

Email & SMS List Growth

Weekly In-Depth Reporting

Just a few of the things we actively think about when building out your retention strategies across campaigns and automated flows:

Your current top of funnel advertising strategy

Your current inventory status

Your cross-sell and upsell opportunities

Your loyalty program

Your subscription program

Your customer reviews

Your zero party data we can leverage

Your top-converting content across prospects, existing customers, subscription customers

Your social media strategy

What Dispatch Delivers:

Virtual Team Meeting

Embedded Expertise

When you partner with Dispatch, you gain an embedded team of an expert e-commerce & retention strategist, copywriter, and designer. We work as an extension of your team, ensuring seamless collaboration and alignment with your brand’s goals and vision. We connect with your team on slack for communication as often as needed. We have weekly or bi-weekly syncs to ensure we’re consistency aligned on objectives and progress.

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Elite Campaign Strategy for Accelerated Growth

Elevate your brand with our top performing campaign content and segmentation strategies, designed to drive incremental revenue. We deliver sophisticated, data-driven campaign calendars that not only reflect but amplify your brand’s potential and financial goals. Each campaign is meticulously planned with your business objectives in mind, whether it’s launching new products, capitalizing on seasonal events, educating consumers on your product benefits, or boosting sales of underperforming inventory.

Our approach includes the integration of dynamic content blocks tailored to diverse customer segments, ensuring optimal engagement and conversion. We employ a multi-channel strategy that seamlessly integrates email and SMS marketing, ensuring that your message reaches the right audience at the right time. Our strategies are rooted in a deep understanding of your brand and customer behavior, allowing us to create personalized experiences that resonate and drive action. With a focus on continuous improvement, we analyze performance data to refine and optimize campaigns, ensuring that every communication contributes to your growth and success.

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Automated Flow Management

Our team continuously optimizes existing automated flows and creates new flows that align with your brand objectives. This includes rigorous A/B testing and refinement of email and SMS messages to maximize impact. We personalize the customer journey based on each recipients’ past behavior, such as purchase history, ensuring relevant messaging.


Our flows are branched to address the specific needs and potential objections of different cohorts. For example, abandonment flows are tailored for prospects and repeat customers separately, handling unique objections each group is likely to face when abandoning a checkout. Similarly, post-purchase flows differentiate between first-time purchasers and repeat customers, and between one-time-purchase customers and subscription customers to deliver the education, content, and offers relevant to each.


By leveraging dynamic content, educational material, social proof, and time-limited offers, we enhance customer engagement at every touchpoint. Our strategic approach ensures that each interaction adds value, fosters loyalty, and drives sustained revenue growth. Through continuous monitoring and data-driven adjustments, we keep your automated flows effective and aligned with your evolving brand goals.

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List Growth and List Health

List Growth: We actively test various offers to determine what resonates most with your audience, always keeping within the margin requirements you set. By collecting zero-party data, we can build out personalized messaging within automated flows and campaigns, continuously A/B testing elements like offer types, popup form behavior, design, and copy to optimize engagement and conversion.

List Health: We take meticulous actions to maintain strong deliverability, ensuring that your messages reach as many of your subscribers as possible. This includes regular list cleaning to remove inactive or unengaged subscribers, thus improving overall engagement rates. We monitor key metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and bounce rates to identify and address any deliverability issues promptly. Additionally, we segment lists to ensure that content is relevant to different subscriber groups, further enhancing engagement and reducing the likelihood of unsubscribes. Through these proactive measures, we keep your list healthy and engaged, maximizing the impact of your email marketing efforts.

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